We believe that efficient and friendly customer support is the key to deriving the most benefit from our software. Our software can be configured to meet your needs and objectives. In order to make the transition process as smooth as possible, we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services.

Data migration

Whether you are moving from an in-house system or a competitor's product we can migrate your existing data into our application, saving you time and money. Existing data can be sourced from multiple applications using automated data conversion tools.

System customisation

A trained System Administrator and/or other users can extensively configure the system and the user interface. Initially, however, you can choose to have the major part of the custom configuration provided by us. We propose system configuration regarding: managing authorisations for different user groups in the system; user interfaces for various users or security groups; preferred templates for searching, reporting and data input; adding, removing or renaming fields; and much more.

Helpdesk support

We are aware that introductory training may not be enough to help the user understand all the software’s functionalities at once. That is why we provide helpdesk services via email, telephone, web-conferencing tools and on-site, to answer all your technical and functional questions that may arise when using our products. We are highly appreciated for our helpdesk’s flexibility and friendly approach.


We attach much importance to teaching new users how to operate our software and how to use it to best effects. We apply hands-on, practical approach, and we tailor the training content to the specific needs of each Client.
Our training options cover:

- End-user basic training – getting to know the software’s interface; how to easily access the data through searching, sorting, generating reports. Edit Users learn and practice how to feed the data into the system and how to upload documents into the database.

- Systems Administrator training – learning how to create and manage various security groups, develop data-entry, search and report templates for those groups.

- Advanced training – getting to know the advanced functionality of the system, for example: complex search engine, the Structure Chart Builder, recording favourite report templates.

Software maintenance

Our continuous software maintenance ensures a regular delivery of updates. Service packs cover both: correction of errors and software enhancements, with new, added functionality following feedback and ideas from our clients.
Our software is continuously developed and tested against new technologies, such as new Internet browsers, entering the market.

Consultancy services

We offer a wide range of tailor-made consultancy services that support our clients with their compliance-related tasks and IT solution implementation, for example:

- Pre-implementation project management; developing strategy for legal entity management and compliance
- Document and contract management; integration with other software tools
-Integration with other in-house systems, such as personnel and/or address databases
- Development of client-specific modules
- Custom report development.

Data input

If your existing corporate data is not in a suitable format for automated migration, we can support your team by helping you enter your data manually, thus helping you to gain maximum benefit from our software without delay. Once the system is up and running, our consultants are available to ensure there is no stoppage or delays to the continuity of the database feeding process.

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