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OnBoard - board portal

Based on our partnership with Passageways ( ), Askival Systems can offer now a board portal software solution, OnBoard.

The software makes secure collaboration across every board meeting easy.


OnBoard is meeting management software that can be used on any device, anywhere, that makes preparing for board and committee meetings easy. OnBoard is a digital board portal that helps directors become more effective and executive administrators more efficient.

Directors have complete and searchable access to every past meeting, with future meetings laid out and always ready for review. OnBoard provides the tools to make your review more organized and thoughtful. Each note and annotation directors create is private, organized, and searchable. Directors can RSVP to meetings and quickly access the agenda. 

For administrators, creating meetings is streamlined through a simple drag and drop system. When building the board book, administrators can set time parameters for each section, who should speak, and attach approvals and key documents to each agenda section. When board books are published, every board member will instantly have the latest copy. 

OnBoard is guarded by security that keeps meeting materials safe and guarantees compliance. The security is built on a foundation of Microsoft Azure ™ and includes biometric login security, end to end encryption, granular access permission model, salted and stored SHA256 passwords, and multiple data centres.



Please contact us for more information, a live demo or a trial.


Download OnBoard brochure                                           Download OnBoard Security Features brochure