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01.02.2021: new website is coming

We are working on developing a new website for Watch this space!

05.01.2021: Belgian financial solutions organisation starts using Group Vision Web

The flexibility of Group Vision Web as well as its feature to calculate direct % of ownership based on classes and quantities of shares owned by every shareholder made our new client in Belgium choose our software. 

05.06.2020: new module to manage Projects

Group Vision's structural flexibility has allowed our programming team to quickly build a new module to manage various "projects". Projects can be real-estate developments, minority investments, or any other venture linked to a group company. It is easy to custom-configure the field names or blocks of information used in this module in order to make it applicable to every Client's needs.

10.10.2019: Functionality of Structure Chart Builder extended

Responding to the requests of our clients from the investment management sector, our org-charts can now be built showing multiple parent companies at the top. Search and colouring criteria have been adapted to specify a selected fund or investor. 

20.09.2019: New project in Germany

Starting a new project in Germany strengthens our position on that market. Our new client, an international company from the automotive sector, will be using Group Vision Web for their legal entity management and group charting.

15.10.2018: Saurer upgrades to Group Vision Web

Saurer group, a leader in machinery and components for yarn processing, have been using our older version of the software fo several years. Currently, the decision is made to move towards Group Vision Web and start benefiting the extended functionality, including the Structure Chart Builder. 

15.09.2018: Nouryon manages their legal entities with Group Vision Web

Previously called Akzo Nobel Specialty Chemicals, and currently part of the Carlyle Group, Nuryon decides to manage the infrmation about their legal structure using our software. This way, they can share the legal entities' data, including corporate documentation, worldwide.

29.05.2018: Hines Europe to start using our software

The European Region of the privately owned real estate investment, development and management firm has decided to start using our entity management software. In particular, the company looks forward to use the Structure Chart Builder's functionality to visualise the organisation of the group in Europe and their real-estate investments.

15.02.2018: ALCAR Holding selects Group Vision Web

Alcar Holding GmbH, the European leader in manufacturing steel and alloy wheels, uses our software to manage their legal entity data as well as corporate documentation. 

20.11.2017: Entering the Danish market

We are starting a new exciting project for an international group headquartered in Denmark. After applying custom configuration, the company will be using Group Vision Web world-wide to share corporate data across the Legal, Tax and Finance departments.

01.06.2017: Ask for a free trial with our Structure Chart Builder

Our group-charting tool, Structure Chart Builder, can be used as a stand-alone application, sourcing data from MS Excel files. If group charts produced by your entity management software do not satisfy you, please try out our tool! Click here to see how group structure charts can be produced within seconds!

29.03.2017: New project in Belgium with BESIX S.A.

The head office of Besix S.A., the largest Belgian group specialising in the construction of buildings, infrastructure, roads and environmental projects, has decided to start using Group Vision Web to manage their legal entity information.

17.02.2017: Partnership with Passageways - board portal software

Askival Systems has signed a partnership agreement with Passageways, an American company specialising in board portal software. We are now able to introduce OnBoard, their meeting management software, to the market. The application is more advanced technologically and more affordable than competing products. ​View the press release.

30.01.2017: Kinepolis Group to start using Group Vision Web

Our Belgian client, Kinepolis Group, moves their legal entity and document management to Group Vision Web. We have had a long-lasting relationship, since they previously used our earlier product, Group Vision (Windows) for many years. Now the client can take advantage of the modern platform as well as extended functionality, including the Structure Chart Builder.

24.11.2016: Askival Systems at the Polish-Dutch Business Forum

Following our business development objectives, Askival Systems participated in the Business Forum in The Hague, organised by the Polish Chamber of Commerce. The conclusion was that Poland offers new exciting business opportunities for our company, with several very large public and private companies headquartered there. New business contacts have already been established since!

01.08.2016: New project in Switzerland. IKEA Supply AG

IKEA Supply AG has decided to use Group Vision Web to manage the legal entity information for their international group.  Our system had already been used by their "sister company", IKEA Services BV in The Netherlands. Using the same tool facilitates the process of setting up necessary processes and best practices across the entire IKEA organisation.

06.05.2016: Software integration projects

Askival's team have recently completed projects concerning integration of Group Vision Web's functionality with document archiving and address database systems. Thanks to software integration services offered, our Clients can benefit from increased accurancy and simplicity in data entry, as well as from levering existing software infrastructure. We can interface our software with various document repository systems, including Box, OpenText, D3, and with other in-house systems.

01.11.2015: Module for bank account authorisations

This module is based on the Powers of Signature functionality of Group Vision Web. The module allows managing authorisations for bank accounts of each group entity. First, Individuals are added to Signature Groups, then the software automatically calculates which individuals have the power of signature, depending on the Signature Groups they are a member of, the bank account in question, and whether the payment is electronic or paper-based.

14.06.2015: Structure Chart Builder as a stand-alone application

In response to market demands, we now offer our group-charting tool, the Structure Chart Builder, also as a stand-alone application. Previously available only as an integral part of Group Vision Web, the tool can now be used independently, based on data imports from MS Excel files. Please click here to see how group structure charts can be produced within seconds!

01.02.2015: AkzoNobel to use Group Vision Web.

The Head Office of AkzoNobel, a global leader in paints, coatings and specialty chemicals, makes a strategic decision to take benefits of Group Vision Web's functionality. AkzoNobel will now manage and share their legal entity information using Askival's most recent software.

13.01.2015: A new client in Austria

Vienna-based international group, RHI AG, a world market leader in refractories, has chosen Group Vision Web to manage their legal corporate information and to efficiantly share it with employees accross the globe. Our solution will be also supporting document management.

01.10.2014: SHA-256 certificate to further enhance security

We are pleased to announce that our switch from SHA-1 to SHA-256 certificates is now complete. We take security and safety of our clients' data extremely seriously. The new certificate puts us ahead of competition.

22.09.2014: New website

You are now looking at Askival’s new website. Developed with the most up-to-date technology, the website aims to provide information about us and our products, and to facilitate communication with our team.

01.06.2014: New Group Vision Web brochure

Please click here to view and download our new product brochure. The brochure contains information on our software’s functionality and competitive advantage, including the unrivalled Structure Chart Builder for easy and fast group charting.

08.02.2014: Askival Systems strengthens its presence in Switzerland and Austria

We have entered into an agreement with a Zurich area-based consultant, Karl Happel, to promote Group Vision Web in the German-speaking part of Switzerland as well as Austria. Karl combines a strong background in economics with hands-on experience in the fields of Mergers and Acquisitions and Legal Corporate Structure Management. Being a native German-speaker, Karl will be promoting our products in these countries and will be providing product training and product customization. In addition, based on his economics and legal background, he will provide value-added management consulting services.

10.10.2013: Structure Chart Builder even more remarkable

Not only can you generate a structure chart of the entire group or a selected country, region or business sector, but you are now also able to automatically generate several charts in one go by specifying multiple values at the beginning. Multiple values can also be used for dates, i.e. when you want to see how a structure has changed over a period of time. Go to see a short video.

01.09.2013: Group Vision Web available in the cloud

The new application is now also available based on a SaaS model, in the cloud. Askival uses the world's most renowned and reliable cloud services provider, Microsoft Azure (TM). The hosted solution allows clients to start using our software quickly, without an actual installation on a server.