legal entity management:  compliance - accuracy - speed 

Group Vision Web

Group Vision Web is innovative software for legal entity management. Additionally, our software incorporates document management functionality as well as a very powerful group charting tool. The software helps organisations comply with internal and legislative requirements and to share legal entities’ data (capital, shareholder and shareholding structure, powers of signature, directors and other representatives, etc.) in an efficient and consistent way. Because our solution is highly configurable and jurisdiction-independent, it caters to the needs of organisations of different sizes, locations and ownership structures.
Competitive advantage:
- cutting-edge technology resulting in speed and flexibility
- multi-layer security and accsess rights
- flexibility of reporting: templates and ad-hoc reports easy to save, revise, share
- automatic calculation of direct and indirect percentages for ownership structure
- unrivalled group charting tool (no plug-ins required)
- integrated document management module.
A strong feature of our software lies in its unique flexible reporting functionality. A report for either one selected company or for several entities can be generated immediately and directly from the information displayed on the screen. Users can design, alter and save templates of their own reports, and access them from anywhere in the system. Reports can be exported to another file format, e.g. MS Excel, MS Word, PDF.
We attach great importance to giving the user choice and flexibility to configure their own user-interface, for instance having a favourite start-up screen as well as various templates for data input, searching and reporting. User interfaces and templates can also be recorded or customized by the system administrator based on the users’ license types, access rights and specific requests.
The web technology makes it very simple to perform data-entry or to read data from multiple locations. Global security access rights are easy to set up for both “data-entry” and ‘browse only” users. For example, some users may be restricted to editing or browsing data that concerns only one region, or be able to access only selected corporate information.
Group Vision Web is accessible on all devices. It runs equally well on desktops, tablets and smartphones. You can always check the most recent data no matter where you are!
We offer both on-premises and cloud installations.