Group Vision Web

The most flexible legal entity management software

Software helps organisations comply with integral and legislative requirements and to exchange vital corporate information about the legal group structure in an efficient and consistent way.

Structure Chart Builder

Fully integrated, best-of-breed group charting too

Our Structure Chart Builder offers unmatched speed, efficiency and user-friendliness. Sophisticated charts, even those including minority shareholdings, are created automatically with just a couple of clicks.

Document Manager

The easiest way to collect and share corporate documentation

With this module, you can securely attach important corporate documentation to each entity in the database: contracts, articles of association, minutes of shareholders’ meetings, excerpts of the Chamber of Commerce, annual accounts, etc. Documents of any file format can be linked.

Legal entity management is an essential element of corporate governance and legal compliance.


Askival Systems provides cutting-edge software, Group Vision Web, to support both the management of the legal structure of your organisation and the exchange of vital corporate information.

As a result, your company will benefit from:

Legal compliance and better monitoring

Value-added investor relations

Enhanced intra-corporate communication

Sophisticated up-to-date structure charts

Accurate and instantaneous reporting

Support for reorganisation and tax planning

Time saving

Cost reduction

Thousands of satisfied users on all continents

Selected clients

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  • Responding to our client’s request, we have recently added a new module for project management. It can be used for monitoring a progress in, for example, real-estate projects, from the start to the completion.

  • A renowned financial solutions organisation, active in Belgium and Luxembourg, is starting using our software to track their structural growth and the ownership changes in their legal entities. They are enthusiastic about starting using the group charting tool to visualise the group’s ownership structure.

  • Starting a new project in Germany strengthens our position on that market. Our new client, an international company from the automotive sector, will be using Group Vision Web for their legal entity management and group charting.