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01.06.2017: Ask for a free trial with our Structure Chart Builder

Our group-charting tool, Structure Chart Builder, can be used as a stand-alone application, sourcing data from MS Excel files. If group charts produced by your entity management software do not satisfy you, please try out our tool! Click here to see how group structure charts can be produced within seconds!

29.03.2017: New project in Belgium with BESIX S.A.

The head office of Besix S.A., the largest Belgian group specialising in the construction of buildings, infrastructure, roads and environmental projects, has decided to start using Group Vision Web to manage their legal entity information.

17.02.2017: Partnership with Passageways - board portal software

Askival Systems has signed a partnership agreement with Passageways, an American company specialising in board portal software. We are now able to introduce OnBoard, their meeting management software, to the market. The application is more advanced technologically and more affordable than competing products. ​View the press release.

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Legal entity management is an essential element of corporate governance and legal compliance. Askival Systems provides cutting-edge software, Group Vision Web, to support both the management of the legal structure of your organisation and the exchange of vital corporate information. As a result, your company will benefit from
  • Legal compliance and better monitoring
  • Value-added investor relations
  • Enhanced intra-corporate communication
  • Sophisticated up-to-date structure charts 
  • Accurate and instantaneous reporting
  • Support for reorganisation and tax planning
  • Time saving
  • Cost reduction

Based on our partnership with Passageways, we can now offer OnBoard, board portal software. OnBoard is a meeting solution that can be used on any device, anywhere, that makes preparing for board and committee meetings easy.
A board portal with the tools every director and administrator needs to be fully prepared for your next meeting.

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